Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is IEEE Day?

A: IEEE Day is celebrating the first time in history when engineers worldwide and IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884. One of the IEEE Day’s objectives is to show the ways thousands of IEEE members in local communities join together to collaborate on ideas that leverage technology for a better tomorrow. We celebrate IEEE members!

Q: Why we celebrate IEEE Day?

A: In the spring of 1884, a small group of individuals in the electrical professions met in New York, USA. They formed a new organization to support professionals in their nascent field and to aid them in their efforts to apply innovation for the betterment of humanity—the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, or AIEE for short. That October, the AIEE held its first technical meeting in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Many early leaders, such as founding President Norvin Green of Western Union, came from telegraphy.

Q: When do we celebrate IEEE Day?

A: IEEE Day is officially always celebrated on the first Tuesday in October which is 3rd of October this year however you can celebrate the day between October 1 till October 17.

Don’t forget to submit your event on IEEE Day map.

Q: Who can celebrate IEEE Day?

A: All IEEE members i.e. Senior member, Life member, Fellow, YP, students,… can celebrate the day

Q: How do we announce our event throughout IEEE? Is there any special registration?

A: The best place is on our website: The submission form asks you details about your event. Once your submission has been reviewed and approved, it will be show on the world map so the other members will see your event and join!

Q: Should an event be technical or non-technical?

A: Both. Any kind of events plus entertainment is welcomed.  We encourage Leveraging Technology For a Better Tomorrow to be the focus but it is not mandatory.

Q: Is there a list of suggested ideas?

A: We urge members to organize their own events with creative ideas but you may check the  events held in earlier years on our website under the events tab.

Q: Does it have to be one event that we have to conduct in October or can it be a series of workshops?

A: You can hold a series of workshops, each would be a separate event.

Q: Is there funding available to support IEEE Day celebrations?

A: Unfortunately No, you should work with your local Section for funding your event.

Q: Where can I get promotional materials for IEEE Day?

A: The promotional materials are available on our website: .(resources tab, toolkit) It can be downloaded and used for the event. You will also find the T Shirt design here.

Q: Should I wear an IEEE Day t-shirt during the celebration?

A: We prefer to see IEEE Day t-shirt but if you don’t have enough funds to print the t-shirt, showing IEEE Day logo on a banner or poster is enough.

Q: What are the photo and video contest?

A: Each year there are contests, the rules of the contest, photo and video, are posted on the IEEE Day website.  Members are encouraged to take pictures/video’s during the celebration which include the current years IEEE Day logo.

Q: How can I join the contests?

A: It is simple to participate in the contests, there is a submission form on the website.  You must be an active IEEE member to submit your entry.

Q: What are the contests prizes?

A: The prizes are of monetary value in US dollars  and are different for each category, first, second and third prize.

Q: When will you announce the winners?

A: The winners of the contest are announced approximately 10 days after the close of the voting period, check the rules for dates..