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A Day Known As IEEE DayOthersThe University of Faisalabad, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Keeping the human perspective in technology: Plant names and metadata structuresOthers-27.48202587095023, 153.0247838795185
Photo Contest OthersKanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India.
Photo Contest OthersKanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India.
IEEE DAY CELEBRATIONOthersGCET, Near Bakrol Gate, V.V.Nagar, Gujarat, India - 388120
Photo and Video ContestOthers-89.63504792244971,-172.26562499999994
JAM EventOthers13.025965926333539, 77.65960693359375
IEEE Day 2016 at IEEE AIUB Student BranchOthers23.79472023701129,90.40240243077278
IEEE day celebration, karaoke, Music, Projects exposition, New members reception Others36.834134, 10.145892
IEEE Day @ The National Engineering School of Monastir-October the 6th!OthersMonastir
IEEE Day 2016 Celebration by IEEE Stamford U Student BranchOthers51 Shiddheswari Rd, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh
IEEE Argentina ExCom MeetingOthers-34.6241677899049, -58.3648681640625
IEEE Sudan SubsectionOthers15.479092578426197,32.55688476143405
IEEE Day USB BOGOthers4.750466635545963,-74.03047353029251
IEEE Day 2016 Celebration Others6.914415553205076,79.97285529971123
IEEE DAY 2016 CelebrationOthers13.104307411557421,77.57274627685547
Neuron Twister QuizOthers13.104223815978127, 77.58544921875
Linking the Past to the Future Through Memory - IEEE Uninorte BarranquillaOthers11.01782588326538, -74.85130190849304
Linking the Past to the Future Through Memory - IEEE Uninorte BarranquillaOthers11.01801544263893,-74.85089421272278
IEEE DAY HelwanOthers29.85080124095469, 31.34241431951523
Bahrain IEEE Day Celebration Others26.216747078041486, 50.58671951293945
Bahrain IEEE YP Day Celebration OthersJufair , Bahrain
IEEE Day 2016 HU SBOthers32.103080123633355,36.18126153945923
ISSATSO SB celebrates IEEE DAY 2016!Others35.813339150639756,10.64269557595253
IEEEDAY Celebration DriveOtherskerala
IEEE Day'16 SHA-SB - Egypt Section - Region 8Others30.1193199,31.60527209999998
IEEE Day - IEEE ISSATSo Student BranchOthersTunisia
ieee rebellionOthersla paz,bolivia
IEEE DAY UNACOthersAv. Las Leyendas 580 - 582 - 586, San Miguel 15088, Peru
Leadership and motivation in organizationsOthersR. Aprígio Veloso, 882 - Bodocongó, Campina Grande - PB
LET'S HUNT FOR TREASURESocial35.249105, 33.024055
IEEE GTU Student BranchSocialGebze Technical University
IEEE SAU STUDENT BRANCHSocial40.7423 , 30.3317
IEEE Day Games 2016SocialUniversiti Putra Malaysia
IEEE Day Celebrations @ieeeselcukSocialBosna Hersek Disrtict / Cosandere Street / Bascarsi Workplace No:3 Mandala Organic Arts Cafe Selcuklu - Konya - Turkey
Curtin Sarawak IEEE Day 2016Social4.511633947149623,114.01685425314713
IEEE ISKENDERUN TECHNICAL UNIVERSİTY STUDENT BRANCH - IEEEDay2016 EventsSocial36.582176449812025, 36.176090240478516
IEEE Hacettepe Crew MeetingSocial39.89177067724992,32.78539314866066
IEEE INSIGHT'16 , PIEAS SBSocialPakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS) Lehtrar Road, Nilore, Islamabad, Pakistan.
IEEE UET Celebrating Teachers Day and IEEE Day 2016Social31.575318040236873, 74.35598373413086
IEEE_AlexSB DaySocialLotfy El-Sied st. off Gamal Abd El-Naser - Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate 11432, Egypt
IEEE Day Tucumán!Social-26.77082176949923, -65.2587890625
2016 Republic of Macedonia IEEE daySocial41.60722821271717, 21.829833984375
Networking with in and outside colleges SocialKanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India.
IEEESB UPM celebrate IEEE Day with IEEE Games SocialUniversiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang , Malaysia
IEEE ENIT Student BranchSocial36.831546417925225,10.14538049697876
IEEE INSIGHT'16 , PIEAS SBSocial33.64881476718774, 73.28355073928833
Alzahra University Student BranchSocial35.768778897268184, 51.39262944459915
IEEE Day Sharif and Amirkabir branchesSocial35.74651225991851, 51.43798828125
Student Branch ExhibitionSocial-15.76247270491042, -47.869863063097
IEEE DAY SB RIJEKASocial45.33730524434516,14.425220489501953
IEEE DAY UTP 2016SocialAv. 28 de Julio 826, Lima 15046,Perú
IEEE Boston Section DaySocial42.5561214,-71.1372216
IEEE Day 2016 Celebration by KTU IEEESocial40.99833681809304,39.76702850396896
IEEE Day 2016 CelebrationSocial1.558844, 103.640661
IEEE Day 2016 CelebrationSocial1.558844, 103.640661
Tic Tac PongSocial28.675628410573005,77.11266517617332
Clash Of the mortalsSocial28.675628410573005,77.11266517617332
Hand PrintingSocial28.675628410573005,77.11266517617332
IEEE Day Sharif and Amirkabir branchesSocial35.74651225991851, 51.43798828125
IEEE Day UELSocial-23.325035645865274, -51.1990624666214
acquaintance meetingSocialİstanbul, Turkey
IEEE and Cinema DaySocialKadıköy, Turkey
When WIE make Cakes For IEEE Day 2016SocialStreet Tahar Ben Achour, Sousse 4003,Tunisia
King AbdulAziz University-FCITSocial21.489131850349285,39.247498512268066
IEEEDay SB OsijekSocial45.556446859913095,18.695415258407593
Tree PlantingSocial13.111580118251648, 77.58682250976562
RHU IEEE Day '16Social33.71930673365083,35.48036813735962
IEEE Day Arequipa RetroSocial-16.43140555366753,-71.56643673777586
Sección GuatemalaSocialguatemala
IEEE DAY Game Night @ PurdueSocial40.42178295267615,-86.91548109054565
IEEE Day Joy of Volunteering RideSocial9.91474384324173,76.26708984375
IEEEDay Aegean region celebrationsSocial38.44054780989401,27.142839431762695
Together make the future SocialNewcastle City Campus, 2 Ellison Pl, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8ST
IEEE ENICarthageSocial36.85129483237134,10.210837125778198
Beers w Peers for IEEE DaySocial35.9403765,-83.9798645
IEEE UCalgary BarbecueSocial51.077891423674316,-114.13014203310013
Stevens Institute of Technology Student BranchSocial40.74543623770158,-74.02613639831543
Abuja Chapter Photo SessionSocial9.072925, 7.496226
IEEE day 2016-Lebanese American UnivertySocial34.11341432044763, 35.6635284377262
IEEE Day 2016 - USEKSocial33.98237094601564,35.62034726142883
IEEEday'16 Tanta Student Branch Social30.825380507758908,30.99296808242798
4th National IEEE Day LebanonSocial33.88173706416853,35.540369153022766
IEEE METU Student Branch Celebrates IEEE DAY !Social39.89159849577106, 32.78527736576507
Dinner Gathering IEEE BilkentSocial39.90982401842918,32.85896301444154
IEEE Day`16 PES Helwan Student chapterSocial30.102859708042505,31.374053950421512
IEEE BCIT Student BranchSocial3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2
A Day Known As IEEE DaySocialThe University of Faisalabad STB04061. West Canal Road, Faisal Town, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
A Day Known As IEEE DaySocialThe University of Faisalabad STB04061. West Canal Road, Faisal Town, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
IEEE EGE FLASHMOB SocialEge Universitesi Elektrik Elektronik Bolumu Bornova/İzmir
IEEE Day Photo ContestSocial53.424839603856384,14.533764123916626
The Electronics lesson of Prof. Mariusz MalinowskiSocialWarsaw University of Technology, Plac Politechniki 1
RMIT Student branch IEEE Day celebrationSocial-37.80845315868917, 144.9636608362198
IEEE DAY 2016 UCH Social Av Parque de las Leyendas, San Miguel 15088
IEEE Day Joy Of Volunteering RideSocial9.998859086179985, 76.30019903182983
IEEE SVU SB Third year anniversarySocial26.159617408954663, 32.71122336387634
We Love IEEE DaySocialPalestine, Tulkarm City
IEEE Day 2016 - Sharif Student BranchSocial35.70148566133257,51.351831826832495
IEEE Day PTU SB SocialPalestine, Tulkarm City
IEEE day celebration, karaoke, Music, Projects exposition, New members reception Social36.834134, 10.145892
IEEE Day CelebrationsSocial33.576897419787436, 73.06386172771454
PARTY IEEE 2016 - IEEE Student Branch UNSASocial-16.397209254608253,-71.52137763798237
Festival of ColorSocial34.83828730750831, 10.75537919998169
Jordan University of Science and Technology - IEEE BoothSocial32.49218952885657, 35.98802983760834
University of Tehran Student Branch GatheringSocialTehran Province, Tehran, ECE Department , Engineering Campus No.2, University of Tehran , North Karegar Ave., Tehran
Ayudando con laLUZSocial-16.435575799042333, -71.59795671701431
Festival of ColorSocial34.83841820845139,10.755160599946976
IEEE Photonics Member Appreciation DaySocialWaikoloa, Hawaii
IEEE day PartySocial35.144581960977426,33.40817928314209
IEEE Day 2016Social26.235832,50.593007
IEEE DAY 2016 - Students and YPs meeting !Social50.65392288190297,17.90521502494812
IEEE Day Student PartySocial4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620
IEEE Koç University Student BranchSocial41.20592621106339, 29.073466658592224
Foothill Young ProfessionalsSocial33.981409,-117.369874
IEEE Koç University Student BranchSocial41.20592621106339, 29.073466658592224
IEEE KOCAELİ UNİV ACTIVITYSocial40.82209921826005, 29.92396965622902
Realizing Happiness in Engineering LifeSocial29.397066541172354,71.69080674648285
IEEE Day 2016 Bogazici UniversitySocial41.0850525187164, 29.052212834358215
IEEE DAY 2016, University of the PunjabSocialDepartment of Electrical Engineering
IEEE Day Celebration 2016 ! Universidad de CuencaSocial-2.9017079265483296,-79.01049268185443
Universidad de PiuraSocial-5.176590832750636,-80.63427329063416
AUB's IEEE DaySocialBeirut
Confraternizacion por el IEEEDAY2016Social-5.170019476369659,-80.63784599304194
IEEE Day BoothSocialMontréal, Quebec
Vancouver IEEE DAYSocial49.2716855,-123.1076269
Join IEEE on IEEE DaySocial40.814313, -73.604303
IEEE Day' 16 CelebrationSocial33.65120829920497, 72.82012939453125
IEEE BBQ PartySocialLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
IEEE Day 2016 - IEEE ANNU SBSocial32.22659311631563, 35.25282561779022
IEEE Day 2016 - IEEE ANNU SBSocial32.226706566410286, 35.25295972824097
IEEE DAY gathering (BUTE SBC)Social47.48055252829916, 19.057888984680176
IEEE DAY - UANCVSocial-15.533011103740533,-70.11725664138794
IEEE day - UANCVSocial-15.533166158375009,-70.11706352233887
USM IEEESB IEEE Day 2016Social5.1452614130548575, 100.49295723438263
IEEEIztech -IEEEDay'16Social38.32442042700652, 26.643905639648438
IEEE ESOGU SB IEEE DAY'16 Celebration 2Social39.750572023095344, 30.475392937660217
"IEEE Day PUCP: Treasure, knowledge and skills"SocialAv. Universitaria 1801, LIMA 32 San Miguel, Peru
QUT Student branch IEEE DAY 2016 EVENTSocial-27.47744516724468,153.0291425391083
IEEE Day MeetingSocial40.97626933808981, 29.061520099639893
IEEE Day 2016 Medipol UniversitySocial41.09106437971622,29.092456698417663
IEEE Day University of Jordan 2016Educational31.98012335736804, 35.93353271484375
Android Controlled RobotEducationalHadath-Mount Lebanon
Android Controlled RobotEducational33.8250966567562,35.521148443222046
Cal Poly Pomona - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsEducationalPomona, CA
UCSB Student Chapter / Girl Inc. - “Light-Pipes: Controlling Light” Hands-on ActivityEducationalGoleta, CA
Talks by locUCSB Chapter Women in Photonics Talks with Goleta schoolsEducationalSanta Barbara, CA
Photonics Company Tours - UCSB ChapterEducationalSanta Barbara, CA
Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon - IEEE Photonics National Outreach Science Meeting EducationalNuevo León, México
AIM Photonics - Women in Photonics WeekEducationalSanta Barbara, CA
IEEE Day 2016 by IEEE UIU SBEducationalRd. 16, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
IEEE Day 2016 by IEEE UIU SBEducationalUnited International University, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hamedan University of TechnologyEducational34.78702993813158,48.48844349384308
Student Branch IEEE Univ Nacional De Colombia Sede BogotaEducational4.639140835152733, -74.08257812261581
IEEE Day Info TableEducationalConcordia University, Montreal, Quebec
IEEE DAY UFABC 2016Educational-23.645126172276637, -46.52797803282738
Universidad Surcolombiana - IEEE USCO STUDENT BRANCH - Programa Ingenieria ElectronicaEducationalNeiva, Colombia
IEEE Day at McGillEducational45.50518894887345, -73.57579350471497
IEEE DAYEducational12.87900893647202,77.54477083683014
IEEE Day - UNICAMPEducationalCidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz - Av. Albert Einstein, 400 - Distrito Barão Geraldo, Campinas - SP, 13083-852
Group DiscussionEducational28.675628410573005,77.11266517617332
Talk electronic microEducationalAV JIMENEZ Nº 8-29
educationalEducationalBecsi ut 96 Budapest HUNGARY
Rama Estudiantil IEEE ITVER - IEEE Day 2016 Educational19.200234, -96.159651
Rama Estudiantil IEEE ITVER - IEEE Day 2016 Educational19.200234, -96.159651
IEEE Day Celebration at MITS GwaliorEducational26.231626612926462,78.20770025253296
Student Branch IEEE Francisco de Paula UniversityEducationalAvenida Gran Colombia No. 12E-96 Barrio Colsag, San José de Cúcuta - Colombia.
IEEE UFBA Student BranchEducational-12.99939880819372,-38.511406481265965
IEEE Aswan SB EducationalEgypt, Aswan , Aswan faculty of engineering
IEEE Day 2016 palestinian sectionEducational31.959139, 35.182052
YEDİTEPE UNIVERSITY IEEE DAY 2016 CONFERENCE Educational40.97261205512595, 29.15228471159935
University of Balamand - IEEE DayEducational34.368435, 35.7780177 N34° 22.1061', E035° 46.6811'
IEEE UNIVASF Student Branch Educational-9.412517854617208,-40.51600098609924
IEEE Day - UFTEducational-10.177816608730106, -48.35924685001373
IEEE DAY 2016 MoroccoEducational33.979728, -6.866654
IEEE Student Branch, Konstantin Preslavsky University of ShumenEducational43.2797204383248,26.948046684265137
IEEE SIMAT SBEducational10.76153890923806,76.14586950253715
IEEE SIMAT SBEducational10.76181684198558,76.14490888332512
Institut Teknologi Indonesia - Workshop On RoboticEducational-6.333981054811215,106.68149471282959
2016 IEEE DAYEducationalzero result
Chapter Leadership Forum EducationalWaikoloa, Hawaii
Women in Photonics Workshop - "Real Value of Diversity"EducationalWaikoloa, Hawaii
Photonics PRO Soft Skills Training - "Life at a Startup"EducationalWaikoloa, Hawaii
IPC 2016 Student Poster Competition EducationalWaikoloa, Hawaii
ICSGTEIS 2016EducationalBali, Indonesia
Rama Estudiantil del IEEE en el ITESCOEducational27.664068965384512, -101.0247802734375
IEEE DAY 2016-LCWUEducationalLahore College for Women University, Pakistan
Yarmouk university SBEducational32.541309794369916, 35.85033488267072
International Islamic University ChittagongEducational22.49582822680776, 91.72135269654973
IEEE Day 2016 observed at International Islamic University ChittagongEducational22.496682, 91.721656
IEEE DAY 2016 CELEBRATIONS AT MEA IEEE SBEducational10.965460703696762, 76.20048522949219
CHABITSEducational14.626108798876839, -90.48065185546875
Reed Academy EducationalSpringfield MO
STEM Kids NYCEducationalNew York City, NY
STEM Kids Champion CityEducationalSpringfield, OH
IEEE Day/General Body Meeting!Educational1855 Broadway, New York, NY 10023
Virtual Reality DemonstrationEducational14.649510, 121.068173
IEEE ESOGU SB IEEE DAY'16 Celebration 1Educational39.76292748167637,30.495901107788086
Columbia IEEE - Rock Your Career with IEEEEducationalNew York, New York
IEEE Day Celebration 2016 - IEEE Madras SectionProfessionalLatitude: 13.011563 | Longitude: 80.232949
AAST ENG Orientation WeekProfessionalSquare 1162, El Moushir Ahmed Ismail St., Sheraton Bldgs., Heliopolis,, 2033 Cairo, Egypt
Government engineering college kozhikodeProfessional11.285355883478337, 75.76951190829277
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical EngineeringProfessional46.04471655152266, 14.489193856716156
World Robot Olympiad Tunisian QualificationsProfessionalSfax, Tunisia
IEEE DayProfessionalSt.Xavier's College, Chunkankadai
IEEE Day / Opportunities for studentsProfessionalUniversity of Zilina, Univerzitna 1, Zilina
Career Development Workshop & 2016 IEEE Day PartyProfessional35.74842791453255, 139.8071113228798
San Diego IEEE DayProfessional5775 Kearny Villa Road, San Diego, CA 92123
IEEE UKM SB and IEEE UKM PES Chapter celebrate IEEE Day 2016ProfessionalBangi, Selangor, Malaysia
NMIMS IEEE Day Mumbai IndiaTechnicalSVKMs NMIMS Mumbai
IEEE RCPIT Shirpur TechnicalShirpur Dhule Maharashtra
1st Tuesday Journal-Paper Club: special IEEE Day editionTechnicalFish Lane and Merivale Street, South Brisbane
circuit designing competition,fun activitiesTechnical19.10830468632829, 72.83696662634611
Fabricating technology for an enhanced futureTechnicalDatta Meghe College of Engineering, Plot No.98, Cidco, Sector 3, Airoli, Navi Mumbai 400708
The future of the power plant building in Europe considering capacity needsTechnical47.47433264978923, 19.060064256191254
circuit designing competition,fun activitiesTechnical19.107237057087634,72.83694616284566
Hackathon. A 24 hours app development contest.TechnicalIndian Institute of Technology Patna
IEEE Day 2016 - UFPA - Visita Técnica à regional da Superintendência de Processamento de Dados do Ministério da Fazenda do Brasil (SERPRO)TechnicalAv. Perimetral, 2010 - Marco, Belém - PA, 66077-830
IEEE OMU Turkey Rocket LaunchTechnical55270 Atakum/Samsun, Turkey
Advance Technology for HumanityTechnicalWarangal,narsampet
ICT Building, TUTTechnical59.39695349449474,24.662764370441437
Student Chapter at LIU Brooklyn, IEEE Day Celebration--IoT Cloud Enabled Global Industry ServitizationTechnical1 University Plaza, Brooklyn NY 11204
IEEE Day Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, KastoriaTechnical40.50521787062305,21.247188448905945
Sudan SubsectionTechnical15.501325828252584,32.557977398437515
Boom Boom PowTechnical28.675628410573005,77.11266517617332
Rama Estudiantil IEEE-BUAP IEEE DAY 2016Technical19.00294778255908, -98.20190146565437
Seminar on prsent day technology developmentTechnical17.892914082194213,79.61853127902242
seminar on Global supprot for environment Technical17.89315146239867,79.59884405136108
Ciclo de Palestras IEEExTechnical-7.2397922,-35.9160289,16z
Capital University of Science & Technology, Kahuta Road، IslamabadTechnical33.54715334646908, 73.18784952163696
Tech TalkTechnical12.879133, 77.544240
IEEE Day 2016 BakuTechnical40.474733, 49.726260
Website Design ContestTechnicalBengaluru, India
G PULLA REDDY ENGINEERING COLLEGETechnical15.774309883073819,78.0572485133057
IEEE Day'16 @ IEEE psu-sbTechnical31.246530345063427, 32.31496721506119
IEEE SEM Embedded System workshopTechnicalOakland University, 2200 Squirrel Road, Rochester, MI 48309
IEEE Day - UNEMAT SinopTechnical-11.852252181762925, -55.515157878398895
IEEE Veracruz Section - Technical Conference at Inst. Tecn. de Veracruz Technical19.200231766022217,-96.1596474051475
IEEE Veracruz Section - Technical Conference at Universidad Veracruzana Boca del RioTechnical19.165539155254155, -96.11426174640656
IEEE Veracruz Section - Technical Conference at Universidad Veracruzana CoatzacoalcosTechnical18.14337430674997, -94.47596848011017
IEEE GTBITTechnicalNew Delhi
IEEE Veracruz Section - Technical Conference at Universidad Veracruzana XalapaTechnical19.518648510387635, -96.9170281291008
IEEE Veracruz Section - Technical Conference at Inst. Tecn. Sup de XalapaTechnical19.503327680548484, -96.8793511390686
HackIt Girls: Women's Only HackathonTechnicalKashmere Gate, Delhi, India
Unveil: Hardware Project PresentationTechnicalKashmere Gate, Delhi, India
Unveil: Hardware Project PresentationTechnicalKashmere Gate, Delhi, India
#IEEE Day 2016 Virtual ConferenceTechnical9.042427835611676, 7.41302490234375
Renaissance (IEEE Day)TechnicalNew Delhi
WIE TN Star meetingTechnicalNational Enigineering School of Sfax - Tunisia
Lectures Series IEEEx - Upgrade Your KnowlodgeTechnical-7.2394574,-35.9158266
SISTEMAS WIRELESS DEL PROFESOR JALEL BEN OTHMANTechnical-34.84311278917536, -56.17584228515625
Our first IEEE event :)Technical51.23699359620109, 22.548674046993256
The Evening with the electrics science. Technical51.75222321365172, 19.452953636638313
Leveraging technology for a better futureTechnical43.28520334369384, 26.9219970703125
Special Symposium on GaN-based lasersTechnicalWaikoloa, Hawaii
Special Symposium on Microphotonic GyroscopesTechnicalWaikoloa, Hawaii
Special Symposium on Photonic Integrated Circuits for Microwave Photonics ApplicationsTechnicalWaikoloa, Hawaii
Awareness program for young graduates in electronic sector and Design & verification industry sectorTechnicalJawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur
Special Symposium on Compensation of Nonlinear Impairments in TransmissionTechnicalWaikoloa, Hawaii
Special Symposium on 2D Materials NanophotonicsTechnicalWaikoloa, Hawaii
Integrated Photonics Educators WorkshopTechnicalWaikoloa, Hawaii
IPC 2016 Editors Panel Session TechnicalWaikoloa, Hawaii
AEPEX 8.0TechnicalUCET New Building; Islamia University Bahawalpur Pakistan
AEPEX 8.0Technical29.401024495277838,71.69685378670692
Fall Mixer Technical31416 Agoura Road, Westlake Village, CA
USRP TestingTechnicalCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
IEEE DOKUZ EYLUL UNIVERSITY STUDENT BRANCH Technical38.36916769042402,27.209704902503972
IEEE Day @ JHUTechnicalHamdard Nagar, New Delhi, India 110019
Technology for Unreached PeopleTechnicalUniversity of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
4 IEEE Career Development SymposiumTechnicalLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
IEEE UPS CUENCA Technical-2.8867338245828273, -78.989537358284
IEEE DAY 2016TechnicalUCET IUB Bahawalpur
IEEE ENIB SBTechnicalBizerte Tunisia
IEEE Day na UNIOESTE-FozTechnicalAv. Tancredo Neves, 6731 - Jardim Itaipu, Foz do Iguaçu - PR, 85867-900
Intelligent Robotics, What if ? - IEEE Day 2016 CelebrationTechnical42.65820178455666, 23.3514404296875
Lebanese University IEEE dayTripoli, Lebanon
IEEE Day @ The Cradle of Aviation MuseumCharles Lindbergh Blvd, Garden City, NY 11530
ÇÜIEEEDAY201601330 Balcalı, Adana
IEEE Day`16 HelwanSB30.0286775329042,31.24237060546875
IEEE DAY 2016 JORDAN SECTION31.940509258776444,35.92735290527344
IEEE Celal Bayar University SB-IEEEDAY '1638.609359051609665, 27.432518005371094
IEEE DAY 2016 by IEEE COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, wah Student BranchCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology GT Road,Wah Cantt. Pakistan
Center-North Brazil -15.763316, -47.872166
IEEE ANKARA 39.92100988548989,32.822009325027466
IEEE RUET Student Branch is hosting the IEEE Bangladesh Section celebration of IEEE Day 2016 Kazla, Rajshahi 6204, Bangladesh
St. Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering. IEEE Day Celebration - 2016Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India.
TECHNORAX 2.0FC-26, Shastri Park, Near Zero Pusta, New Delhi, Delhi 110053
IEEE Day at New Building Auditorium University College of Engineering & Technology (UCET) Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB). UCET, IUB Bahawalpur
IEEE DAY BAU 201631.99178040955706,36.01856142282486
IEEE Day '16 CUSB 30.02607664642285,31.211857795715332
IEEE Day Celebration at UoK24.941144,67.119144
IEEE Day - IEEE ENSIT Student Branch36.784662165394714,10.179744958877563
IEEE Day in Balikesir39.65645604812831,27.8778076171875
IEEE Day 2016 Celebration and Awareness social and technical program Bahrain, Manama
IEEE Day 2016 Celebration and Awareness social and technical program Bahrain, Manama
IEEE Breakdance and Talk to Students in the Class of 2016Interaktion 1, 33619 Bielefeld, germany
IEEE Day at UCET IUB- Symposium on Web Design UCET Road, Bahawalpur, Pakistan
UCSC IEEE Day 20166.9023134198272285, 79.86155033111572
IEEE day 2016Fanar, Lebanon
POWER DAY 30.066308434603734, 31.282732486724854
Urmia University37.528889364016614, 45.04645586013794
IEEE UCSD32.88129909824284, -117.23483920097351
IEEE Day 2016 UK and Ireland SectionUniversity of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, London, W1W 6UW
All India Student-YP-WIE Congress 2016Jaipur
In-House Gaming Competition47-C Civic Centre Johar Town، Chaudhry Rehmat Ali Underpass، Lahore, Pakistan
IEEE Awareness41.04201449399066, 29.009166061878204
IEEE Istanbul Technical University - IEEE Day 2016 Event41.105116595232985, 29.023199379444122
IEEE Day 2016, IEEE Lithuania Section54.674027, 25.266935
IEEE Day 2016, IEEE Lithuania Section54.674076012856354, 25.267017781734467
IEEE Bolivia SectionLa Paz, Bolivia
IEEE Day 2016, IEEE Lithuania Section54.674076012856354, 25.267017781734467
IEEE ENSTAB Student Branch36.7073582434466, 10.426736176013947
IEEE DAY12.879382842935765, 77.54441276192665
Cusco's special day-13.51900601315471,-71.97564125061035
Monash University Malaysia IEEE Day Celebration 2016Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
INVICTUS 2016 - IEEE RUHUNA SB6.079347763018672,80.19194688419702
New Cairo SB IEEE Day '16 & Opening29.994674848403317,31.43412709236145
IEEE AR - IEEE Day and 88th Anniversary of the Argentina Section Celebration-34.60389456255527, -58.36709976196289
New Cairo SB IEEE Day '16 & Opening29.994266002064172, 31.434191465377808
Rama Estudiantil IEEE-BUAP19.002886812167006, -98.20190951228142
IEEE DAY 2016 CEME NUSTRawalpindi, Pakistan
IEEE DAY 2016 CEME NUSTRawalpindi, Pakistan
Capital University of Science & Technology33.54969276554232, 73.18629384040833
IEEE Day'16 Benha SB30.09941479932836,31.24839663511011
IEEE Day Spain41.37110842750655, 2.149930000305176
CU IEEE Day!Carleton University, 125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON Canada; K1S 5B6
WIE Affinity group, IEEE Bangladesh SectionBangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
True Youth - "Introduce a Girl to Photonics"East Orange, Nj
Kaiam Corp - "Introduce a Girl to Photonics"Newark, CA
India Institute of Science - Bangalore : Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsBangalore, India
Bridgeton Public School - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsBridgeton, NJ
IEEE Firat University Student Branch38.680766330967415,39.19716271106154
Boston University - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsBoston, MA
Girl & Boys Club of Mercer County - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsTrenton, NJ
Girl Scout Troop 65388 - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsSouth Plainfield, NJ
Chicafo Section - Northwest Subsection ieee CelebrationOakton College - Skokie Campus, Room P103, 7101 N. Lincoln, Skokie, IL, USA
Rutgers University - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsCherry Hill, NJ
Mait Events28.7190933,77.0657272
Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsWest Creek, NJ
Mait Events-84.23375433472953, -34.98046875
WOW Science - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsBlackwood, NJ
Second Street Youth Center- Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsPlainfield, NJ
IEEE DAY ISET Djerba Student Branch & ENIG STUDENT BRANCH 33.818944, 10.973244
Liberty Family Success Center - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsKearny, NJ
Sende hissettiğinden fazlası var! You have more than you feel!37.77071473849609,29.0972900390625
Pennrose Management - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsJersey City, NJ
PEC-HACKATHON30.766351800026058, 76.7861133813858
El aprovechamiento de la tecnología para un mejor mañanaPopayan
Friends of American Engineering & Science Sicklerville, NJ
IEEEDay SuezCanal'SB 30.592587533770462,32.29362487792969
Al Manar University of Tripoli (Information Security)Tripoli, lebanon
YMCA Afterchool - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsEast Brunswick, NJ
IEEEDay SuezCanal'SB 30.612339101019778,32.27508544921875
Kean University - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsUnion, NJ
Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsMonroe, NJ
IEEE Bahrain Day Celebration Manama, Bahrain
Maderia School - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsMcLean, VA
IEEE Chapter Chair Workshopstockholm
North Carolina State University - Raleigh, NC
East Orange STEM Academy - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsEast Orange, NJ
Eskisehir Anadolu University39.7935014190153,30.49427032470703
Afterschool Program - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsMontclair, NJ
Glassboro Child Development Center - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsGlassboro, NJ
Friendship Train Foundation - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsRed Bank, NJ
CCLC Mullica Twp. - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsElwood, NJ
Migrant Education Lehigh - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsAllentown, PA
Nigeria Section #IEEE Day 20168.841651120809145, 7.6025390625
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel All Stars Asbury Park, NJ
IEEEday'16 - SB IEEE UNP - PERU-5.1811212890984395, -80.62033116817474
Ken Shirk learning Center - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsEdison, NJ
Jehovah Outreach Program - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsEdison, NJ
IEEEDay Universidad Nacional del Sur-38.70766030957975,-62.26354982703924
Engineering for KidsMonmouth Junction, NJ
IEEE Bilkent IEEE Day Introduction39.8643382796866,32.76117280125618
Metuchen YMCA - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsMetuchen, NJ
IEEE Bilkent IEEE Day Introduction39.8643382796866,32.76117280125618
Upper Saddle River Afterschool ProgramWestwood, NJ
Haddonfield Child Car Center - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsHaddonfield, NJ
Girls Inc of Greater Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
Karunya University IEEE Student Branch10.936038080757516, 76.74415424466133
Girl Scouts of MN & WI River Valleys St. Paul, MN
Girls inc of Greater Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara, CA
international antlaya universityantalya
Westfield Public School - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsCranford, NJ
IEEE ISET'Com SB & IEEE SUP'Com SB36.89160010420427,10.186407566070557
YWCA Minneapolis - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsMinneapolis, MN
ENIG SB and ISET DJERBA SB IEEEDAY 201633.818944, 10.973244
Girls Scouts of Western NY - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsJamestown, NJ
IEEE ISET'Com SB & IEEE SUP'Com SB36.891977650986824,10.186772346496582
IEEE University of Piraeus37.9398654089798,23.642578125
CNIT - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsPisa, Italy
IEEE PUASB31.208112626675383,29.959808632411296
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsPisa, Italy
Escape Game41.17807255761871,-8.596574452255254
IEEE Day 2016 NTUA SB37.97918331477584,23.784456253051758
Dayalbagh Educational Institute - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsAgra, India
IEEE ISET'Com SB & IEEE SUP'Com SB36.891977650986824,10.186772346496582
Mehran UET - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsHyderabad, Pakistan
We Are All IEEE0.3579813792768424,-78.11066195368767
St. Louis Science Center - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsSt. Louis, MO
IEEE day 2016Roumieh, Lebanon
IEEE Day 201625.300501536421766, 55.482083559036255
St. Louis Afterschool Program - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsSt. Louis, MO
New Castle Area School District - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsNew Castle, PA
St. Louis Science Center STEM Group St. Louis, MO
Girls Inc of YWCA - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsNashville, TN
Children of Heaven, the Future of My CountryIEEE student branch, Niayesh Comples, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch, Chahar Baagh Ave. Hamila Blvd. Poonak sq. Tehran, Iran
University of Bologna - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsBologna, Italy
Girl Scouts of Maine - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsSouth Portland, ME
presenting IEEE to first year students and i introducing STEM career to young peopleINPT,ENSIAS ,RABAT
Lapwai Middle School - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsLapwai, ID
presenting IEEE to first year students and i introducing STEM career to young peopleINPT,ENSIAS ,RABAT
Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsPocatello, ID
Tulane University - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsNew Orleans, LA
IEEE Pakistan SYW Congress 2016Karachi, Pakistan
Gooch & Housego - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsMadison, Wisconsin
Technology and Society in Paraguay-25.27675431288351, -57.59909212589264
Malaviya National Institute of TechnologyJaipur, india
International laser Center - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsMoscow, Russia
Girls Inc of long Island - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsDeerpark, NY
IEEE AGH UST SB meeting with Pizza & photos50.06800707675226,19.912778735160827
University of Malaya - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Thinkery/University of Texas Austin - introduce a Girl to PhotonicsAustin, TX
IEEE DAY PUNO-15.82157124953193, -70.01729607582092
IEEE DAY SAN MARCOS-12.056591236412455,-77.08539962768555
AT&T - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsMiddletown, NJ
IEEE Week@IEEE-IST Student Branch38.736820533827455,-9.13836658000946
Olivet Boys & Girls Club- Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsReading, PA
IEEE Day by IEEE LUMS SB31.47288871653673,74.41227793693542
IEEE Student Branch, Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen43.28044349244935,26.943835616111755
University of Washington - Introduce a Girl to Photonics Seattle, WA
IEEE Day 2016 at Riara University-1.310391615060653,36.80447816848755
Shahreza Higher Education Center32.0206209220967, 51.88248664140701
LiTe products LLC - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsWeston, CT
IEEE Booth at World Maker Faire47-1 11th Street, Corona, NY 11368
Girls Inc of DC Metro - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsWashington, DC
Mehran University - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsJamshoro, Pakistan
IEEE Day CelebrationsMilitary College of Signals, Rawalpindi Pakistan
Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsEastampton, NJ
Camp Fire Central TX - Introduce a Girl to Photonics Austin, TX
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley, CA
UWC - USA - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsMontezuma, New Mexico
Manipal IEEE Day-201625.13353240517965,55.42503297328949
Girls Inc OakRidgeOak Ridge, TN
Tabriz University - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsTabriz, Iran
IEEE Day Celebrations33.57677451300519,73.06360757675361
ITT Guwahati - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsGuwahati, India
Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsPhoenix, AZ
Advanced Silicon Group - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsLincoln, MA
Caltech - Introduce a Girl to PhotonicsPasadena, CA
University of Illinois - STEM Outreach DemoUrbana, Illinois
University of Technology Sydney - STEM Outreach DemoUltimo, NSW
IEEE Zagazig student branch 30.588586690361822, 31.474403142929077
IEEEDay 2016 CelebrationJalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
UTECBarranco, Lima, Perú
Advanced optimization, machine and rule learning algorithmsUniversity of West Bohemia, Univerzitni 26, Pilsen
Tarbiat Maodarese university35.72310272092266, 51.38224124908447
Lunch and Learn with Axiom Technologies Barrows Hall, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469
The Aerospace Industry: Challenges and Opportunities for Electrical Engineering Graduates, With Dr. Walter RawleBarrows Hall, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469
UCY IEEE Day Party 35.12917513034949, 33.418264389038086
Wireless Leak Detection System for International Space Station -- Umaine's project in space! With recent UMaine graduate Lonnie LaBonteBarrows Hall, University of Maine, Orono, Maine 04469
IEEE Day UNIFACS 2016 - IEEE UNIFACS Student Branch-13.011642615382941, -38.49002592265606
IEEE Day Dinner/Reception with IEEE Maine SectionBarrows Hall, University of Maine, Orono, 04469
Tulsa Annual Awards BanquetTulsa, OK
IEEE Day 2016 IEEE Young Professionals, senior Members, Student Branchs & WIE Bahrain Section26.235832,50.593007
Come Share your Ideas with us.Bahria University Islamabad
Feel Free to ask anythingBahria University Islamabad
IEEE DAY - Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology(CUET)Chittagong, Bangladesh
School FestivalNational School of Engineers of Sfax, Tunisia
ULT32 Avenue Kheireddine Pacha 1002 Tunis-Tunisie, Tunis 1002, Tunisia
Dispaly of IEEE students designs and products such as robots,drones..etcJamaica
Valencia College Celebrates IEEE Day 2016University Center, 1800 S Kirman Rd Orlando, FL 32811
IEEE Day 2016 UTP4.797519503841787, -75.68816661841083
IEEE Day @ The Tech Museum of Innovation201 South Market Street, San JOse, CA 95113
The trended software technologies at the market place Al Sikka Al Hadid Al Gharbeya, Qism Helwan, Cairo Governorate
Video Contest Submission : IEEE SJCE STUDENT BRANCH MYSORE12.311188081691428,76.61299154162407
IEEE Bozok Student Branch39.777993522030314,34.796351194381714
IEEE Day San Luis-33.291785762657334,-66.33868128061295
Universidad Don Bosco, Soyapango13.710035342476681, -89.13581371307373
Lebanese University IEEE dayTripoli, Lebanon
WARTEC IEEE Day 2016 Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering, G 5/1 Ataturk Avenue Islamabad, Pakistan
IEEE Osmaniye Korkut Ata University Student Branch37.042014,36.229850
IEEE Day 2016 | IEEE HU SBJordan Az Zarqa' 00962
Project Exhibition,Technical activities ,Fun games , Photo booth Pillai's college of engineering ,Mumbai
Cake cutting ceremony A. C. Patil College of Engineering, Mumbai
Project Exhibition,Technical activities ,Fun games , Photo booth Pillai's college of engineering ,Mumbai
41.219211053570206, -73.32884788513184
IEEE PSYWC'16FAST - National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, National Highway, Karachi, Pakistan
Get together of all the events and Alumni meet of IEEE membersSIES Graduate School of Technology, Mumbai
IEEE INSAT SB Organize the IEEE DAY 201636.842571813769, 10.197275876998901
Felicitation of toppers of last academic year and Followed by DJUsha mittal Institute of Technology, Mumbai
Isfahan University of Technology32.71711053937849, 51.532015800476074
Togetherness to make tomorrow a better placeXavier Institute of Technology, Mumbai
Isfahan University of Technology32.71711053937849, 51.532015800476074
Inauguration ceremonyRamrao Adik Institute of Technology (RAIT), Nerul, Mumbai
1)LIve streaming of inauguration 2) Techexpo3) Virtual reality gaming 4)Rubix cube5) Reverse engineering 6)Knowledge Hub 7)Mad ads 8) Minuite to win itShah and anchor Kuttchi Engineering college, Mumbai
Technology to serve for humanity IEEE COMSATS institute of information technology Abbottabad
Project exhibition and technical events Pillai's college of engineering, Mumbai
IEEE ConfabAtharva College of Engineering, Mumbai
IEEE Day 2016 Celebration by IEEE NSU SBPlot # 15, Block # B, 1229, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Coding and in depth knowledge of the microcontrollerDon Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai
IEEE Atharva ChapterCharkop Naka, Malad - Marve Rd, Asmita Jyoti Housing Society, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400095, India
IEEE İNÖNÜ UNIVERSITY STUDENT BRANCH-IEEEDAY 201638.329840709299965, 38.43962788581848
Inauguration ceremony Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai
IEEE DUMLUPINAR STUDENT BRANCH / IEEEDay 2016 Celebration39.48136107742587, 29.898528903722763
Istanbul University ieeeday201640.98929296469019, 28.724602460861206
Atharva College Of EngineeringCharkop Naka, Malad - Marve Rd, Asmita Jyoti Housing Society, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400095
IEEEDAY REE UNU-8.394750117731327, -74.58698630332947
IEEE ISTANBUL SEHIR UNIVERSITY STUDENT BRANCH / IEEE DAY 2016 EVENT 41.02595264198439,29.043554663658142
IEEE ENIM Student BranchMonastir
IEEE KSU/ IEEE DAY 201637.55292094747251, 36.89285276457667
IEEE DAY 2016 THK University39.94542702082784, 32.686540335416794
IEEE UET Lahore Celebrating 46th Birthday31.577136973940693, 74.35639679431915
IEEE Day Egypt SectionAAST Port Saied, Port Fouad , Egypt
Let's make them Happy6.997562,79.8696712
IEEE Day 2016 Celebration cum National Project & Seminar Competition 23.644524198573688, 87.69561767578125
IEEE Day UFRBCruz das Almas, Bahia, Brazil
IEEE Day'16 @ IEEE-UOG SialkotUniversity of Gujrat (Sialkot Campus), Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
IEEE AAST Alex SBAASTMT Abu Qir Campus- Alexandria-Egypt